What is Ocean View Gaming?

Welcome to Ocean View Gaming LLC. We are a multi platform, multi-game community. We currently have members playing the game titles on the menu above. So join us on teamspeak at server.project-la.com:10126 and connect to one of our servers.

Project LA

Project Los Angeles is the flagship sub-community in Ocean View Gaming using the GTA San Andreas platform.


OVVES is where it all began. Be a police officer or firefighter in one of the nets largest GTA IV RP groups.


OV-Gaming has partnered with GTAPoliceMods come check GPM out.


DayZ Launch
04/27/14Ocean View Gaming LLC has added a DayZ Standalone server to our portolio of game products.
DayZ Launch
09/21/13Ocean View Gaming LLC has added a DayZ Epoch Chernarus server to our portolio of game products.
OVG launches a Minecraft Server
08/14/13PLA has launched a Minecraft Server, connect to
PLA: Max Players!
07/15/13Our PLA server has has maxed out at 250 players setting a new record. We're going to hold at this number as the cap until we sort more admin promotions and other staff.
Viva Las Vegas
06/16/13Our PLA server has expanded to Las Vegas bringing 300 more houses and more places to roam.
PLA Hits 198 Players
05/03/13Our PLA server has capped out at 198 players, we've added 50 more slots! Join today.
GPM Partnership
02/29/12We have entered into a partnership with GTAPoliceMods.com
We are a worldwide community:

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