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Project Los Angeles

SA-MP Medium RP

Project Los Angeles is a multi-player community allowing players to roleplay in the world of Los Angeles via the Grand Theft Auto SAMP client. Join over 200 players daily.



Standalone & Epoch NAPF

Ocean View Gaming has operated Epoch & Standalone versions of the popular zombie game Dayz. We are currently working to bring online an Epoch NAPF server.

Other Games

Community members play other games including

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04/27/2014 by Staff

DayZ Launch

Ocean View Gaming LLC has launched a DayZ public standalone server.

09/21/2013 by Staff

Minecraft launch

Ocean View Gaming LLC has begun hosting a minecraft server.

07/15/2013 by Staff

DayZ Launch

Project Los Angeles has reached maximum players at 250!

02/29/2012 by Staff

GPM Partnership

Ocean View Gaming has partnered with GTAPolicemods.com